Quick And Easy Garbage Disposal Repairs

Most home kitchens today come equipped with a garbage disposal and like many other products in your home, it is far from indestructible.

When your disposal may stop working or not work properly, your reactions might be not to use it and call in a professional.

However, most garbage disposal issues can be handled in a few easy steps.

Follow These Simple Steps

Before you try using the disposal again, make sure that under no circumstances do you place your hand into the disposal as there is no telling what could happen if you do.

If your garbage disposal is not turning on and not making any noise when you attempt to put it on, check to see if the reset has popped out. If it has, then simply press it back in to get it running again.

However, if the reset is still in the right position, check your circuit breaker to ensure the circuit hasn’t been tripped and turned off.

Conversely, if you’re garbage disposal won’t turn on but is making a humming noise; it possibly means your flywheel is lodged.

That can be fixed by simply inserting the offset wrench that came with the disposal into the turning hole at the bottom of the unit.

Start to turn the flywheel clockwise and once there is no resistance in your turning, the flywheel has been dislodged.

Tonkin Plumbing offers residential plumbing services including garbage disposal repair in Riverside, CA.

If you have further issues with your garbage disposal or need more information, our skilled plumbing team will get your disposal running like new again.

If you have any more questions on our services, feel free to contact us today!

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