Preparing Your Plumbing For Summer Vacation

Summer vacations are upon us and whether you plan on taking the entire summer to relax or are planning for a week, there are things you need to do at home before you leave.

Aside from stopping the mail, pulling the blinds, and resetting the thermostat, you really should consider caring for your plumbing as well.

You don’t want to wait for a potential catastrophe to occur while you’re away and there’s nothing you can do, so here are a few items to double check before exiting for vacation.

  • Shut off the water – as long as the weather is above freezing, you don’t need to have the water one while you’re out. If you have a leaky pipe that could possibly burst, why not just save yourself a lot of time and money by shutting the water valve off, which is located next to the water meter outside. Be aware, if your lawn and garden are cared for by an underground irrigation system, this will also be turned off with then main water supply is shut down.
  • Conserve water when you’re not home – refrigerators with an automatic ice maker in the freezer can have that option shut off as well as shutting down a water softening system. If you have a newer hot water tank, double check to see if there is a “vacation” setting where your water heater will shut down when in that mode. If you don’t have a new water heater, you can still shut off the water heater.

Should you not know how to fully prepare your home’s plumbing and water system for a vacation away, Tonkin Plumbing can help. We are a professionally licensed plumbing company with many years of experience.

We want you to truly enjoy your vacation, so leave the water worries with us. Contact us at (951)784-7586 today!

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