Want to Avoid Costly Plumbing Issues? Here’s How

Individuals and families put their plumbing systems to work thankless day after day. From washing dirty dishes to going to the bathroom, showering, brushing your teeth and even laundry, we’re always using water or flushing it down the drain or toilet. Of course, that also means that the last thing you want is to have plumbing problems. While we’re always happy to help you with your plumbing emergency, we know you don’t always want to see us, so we’ve provided some quick tips to help keep your pipes clean and clear.

Garbage Disposal

Let’s start in the kitchen. You’re washing dirty dishes from dinner, but rather than walking to the garbage to clear off the plates full of food, you take the easy way out and throw it all down the garbage disposal. This is what you should avoid doing. The more you overfill the garbage disposal, the faster it can get jammed up. So the lesson here is to not throw everything down your garbage disposal, especially the wrong items like fruit peels and chicken bones, to name a few.

Leaking Sink PipeLeaks

Finding a few drops of water underneath a cabinet in your bathroom or kitchen might look harmless. Without diagnosing the source of the leak right away, however, you could end up cleaning more than just a few drops in a short time span. When you find a leak, call a plumber right away. Don’t wait until it gets worse, as water damage can worsen or even damage surrounding fixtures and structures, leading to significantly higher repair bills.


As Best Plumbers notes, pouring grease down drains is one of the biggest problems we see that causes clogged kitchen drains. Rather than throwing grease from the bacon or meat you just cooked down the kitchen sink drain, throw it out in the garbage or seal it in jars. Grease tends to congeal and solidify in pipes and sink traps, meaning that the plumbing gets blocked and backed up, leading to our phone ringing.

Toilet Clogs

This might take us back to when we were first potty-trained, but the toilet is only meant to hold certain things we’d rather not mention. Let’s put it this way – we all know what the toilet should be used for. If you throw anything else down the toilet that you suspect might not flush, such as cotton balls, paper towels, cotton swabs, wet wipes or any other foreign object, you’re setting yourself up for a major clog.

Prevention is always the best protection, but sometimes things go wrong even when you take care to be responsible. When you need a plumber to fix problems with your home plumbing system, enlist the professionals at Tonkin Plumbing. Call us today at 951-784-7586 and let us take care of your problem fast!

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