Why Living Near The Coast Can Damage Exposed Pipes

Living along the coast has its ups and downs and most will agree that the beautiful weather with waving oceanic waters is an up.

The coastal seawaters of the Pacific Ocean are saltwater and while you may not be concerned unless you are swimming and surfing in the water, the saltwater can have grave consequences on your pipes.

Exposed pipes are mainly susceptible to corrosion and rust and saltwater from the ocean waves can cause damage to your pipes.

What happens is when an ocean wave breaks upon the land and along the shore, a spray of the salt water is distributed into the air. It is those minuscule droplets that turn into salt crystals from the evaporated water that is carried along by the wind and collect on commons surfaces like exposed pipes.

You don’t have to live directly next to the Pacific to fall victim to salt’s ability to corrode pipes. The salt from the evaporated water travels and does so far.

The salt crystals that combine with oxygen and water will increase the oxidation process.

In the oxidation-reduction (or redox reaction), there is one atom or compound that steals electrons from another. The end result is rust. It is this oxidation-reduction reaction from saltwater crystals that causes rust and corrosion.

If you live in a coastal town and you notice that your exposed pipes are beginning to rust, it is wise to have a professional plumber examine the pipes. A corrosion inhibitor can protect your exposed pipes, or you may need a total re-pipe.

For whatever the end result, you will want a certified and experienced plumber to handle it.

Rest assured that Tonkin Plumbing has the resources and knowledge to properly handle a situation such as this. For more information on corroding pipes and how to fix them, contact us at (951)784-7586 today.

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